Tom  investigated residential, commercial and industrial switches as part of his research into the former and present communities and occupations in Petersfield. Initially inspired by the objects on display at the Cambridge Museum of Technology, from electrical engineering to the switch that turns on our kettle! This ubiquitous, yet often overlooked, everyday item conveys much about the people who used the items and the period in which it was created.

A switch label, as simple as it may sound, enables us to identify the correct switch to flick, switch, or turn. Introducing this element to the artworks enables machines or appliances to be showcased in colourful and graphic style. And at the same time, can identify and showcase a wide variety of components and instruments that have a relationship with the housing development’s locality and residents, past and present.

‘TRAIN SIGNAL’  Is part of a series of artworks by Tom positioned strategically  throughout the development. The complete series can be viewed HERE

The sculpture is part of a series celebrating The Eagle Foundry where in the 1850’s under the partnership of Headly & Manning. The site had a direct train route for import and export and is part of the GER Main Line railway route, parallel to the development which provides a local transport network for the development and the wider area.

There has also been a collaborative out-reach strategy for the project and more information can be found HERE

The project is being commissioned to enrich the new development and enhance the public space provided through the scheme. The focus for the artwork is to be the shared communal spaces and clear, legible routes through the development.

As the appointed artist Tom developed a series of artworks to enhance the setting for the new residential development on the former depot site, referencing the distinctive context of Mill Road.

For information about the wider strategy and ambitions of the scheme please visit the main project website: