The majority of Tom’s work is commissioned-based public art exploring architecture, design and creative, collaborative approaches to improving our built environment. His work is presented in a variety of different formats and scales from large commissioned architectural glass-work to screen-print on paper to concept furniture.

Employing a rich diversity of mediums, such as glass, concrete, plastic, photography and vitreous enamel has enabled him to deliver and exhibit a variety of exciting and engaging contemporary projects. His work in the public realm involves collating, interpreting and presenting a variety of narratives and information. Sometimes the outcome is an interpretation of that collated material and other times that information is one of the main components of the work itself.

For example, these narratives could stem from a community’s collective and personnel history, Brunel’s engineering ambitions of tunnelling under the Thames, or a presentation of a train enthusiast’s photographic collection and notes for Great Yarmouth Station.

Many of Pearman’s works utilise screen-printing techniques. He enjoys the notion that in screen-printing all three dimensional form is flattened in an instant. It is this idea that flourishes throughout his work unrestricted by the mediums used. For example, when casting concrete or machining plastics, he employs similar application techniques found in printing such as registration and stencilling. His work often investigates geometry, depth and perspective. He employs the language of graphic representation to depict an array of narratives and he frequently shifts and distorts this visual vocabulary to varied levels of abstraction.

These narratives found in his work stem from an explorative and humorous approach to subject matters such as cinema, pop art, science fiction, literature and low-tech special effects. These themes often overlap, as do the materials and techniques used to describe them. His art often has a physical premise that exposes the process involved to make it.


Along side working in the public realm, Tom produces a variety of artworks adopting different mediums that explore themes which are then often incorporated into current and future public art schemes.