Project Title Sefton MBC Bootle Cemetery public art commission
Client Sefton Council
Location Bootle Cemetery Park grounds, Liverpool
Medium Cast relief concrete, vitreous enamel, CNC’d industrial plastic
Date 2014
Size 400 x 400mm X 100 pieces
The project involved the production of 100 site markers around the grounds celebrating the 100th anniversary of the cemetery.
Celebrating the centenary of Bootle Cemetery with a series of art features the artworks also improve sightlines around the grounds. The artworks explore themes such as local architecture and its connection between the cemetery and the local community that travel between these places.
The main theme that was developed is that of a bus journey through Bootle. For the project Tom explained that he wanted to showcase the cemetery as a key aspect of Bootle and tie it in with other equally influential aspects and buildings of the area. They began to discuss how individuals would catch a bus through Bootle and how the bus conductor would have colloquial titles for bus stops, which were situated by key buildings along the bus route. For example, when the bus would stop at the Richmond Sausages factory, it would be called, “place of mystery”, because no one quite knew what they put in the sausages! And so they discussed other similar landmarks around Bootle and how the arts centre members were in someway connected to those areas, sometimes in a quite an important and personal way.

Morse code was also introduced to the scheme in the form of plaques to reflect the wartime heritage of the site and to ‘interpret’ the narrative of the artworks. The dots and dashes of more code were also adopted to ‘draw’ the imagery that was either machined or cast using industrial plastic and concrete.