Client Vale of Glamorgan Council
Location Barry, South Wales
Medium Vitreous Enamel
Date 2016
Size 2 x 1.5 M (3 sets)


Using imagery based upon historic postcards of Barry, Pearman has produced a series of artworks using the traditional medium of vitreous enamel. Arranging a montage of imagery to invent a series of landscapes, Tom has aimed to present the vibrant and often symbolic icons of Barry’s heritage in a way that reflects the lo-tech cutout paper model landscapes that were produced in the public collaboration events that Pearman undertook.

The enamel panels have been commercially printed using 4-colour separation, and by doing so, celebrate the postcard printing industry and the various degrees of printing patterns that become evident when magnified.
The arrangements of the foregrounds and backgrounds of the three large artworks represent imagery that is being projected onto a rectangular cinema screen.
This reference to cinema is a direct celebration of the early C20th cinema that once stood on Thompson Street, ‘Leon Vint’s Electric Palace’. The smaller graphic panels aim to emphasis the cinematic process of cinematic light-projection, which is to first, turn the lights off, second, plug in the projector and third, switch the projector on.


Pearman undertook a series of workshops with local schools and youth groups for a large-scale vitreous enamel public art project in Barry, Wales. Using Barry as a backdrop the youngsters enveloped themselves in the creation of a series of stop frame animation scenes, using a narrative of ‘Monsters Invading Barry!’.

The aims of the sessions were to see how we may react to our local environment when a completely foreign element is introduced, in this case monsters! Does our local area become a cinematic backdrop for our own imagination? Can you spot Sinbad’s iconic monster in the enamel panels?