Client Vale of Glamorgan Council
Location Barry, South Wales
Medium Vitreous Enamel
Date 2012
Size 2 x 1.5 M (3 sets)

A large-scale public art project for Vale of Glamorgan Council, Barry town centre, celebrating Leon Vint’s Electric Palace, an early cinema that once stood on Thompson Street in the early part of the C20th.

Embracing Barry’s heritage as a vibrant town and a location for public entertainment, Tom has drawn upon Barry’s history of theatres and cinemas dating back as far as the 1880s. At the turn of the century there were several venues in Barry where the earliest forms of cinema could be experienced. In particular, Leon Vint’s ‘Electric Palace’ on Thompson Street.

By employing different visual aesthetics that can be found in the history of cinema and printing techniques, Tom plans to present a series of artworks that embodies the vibrant and rich qualities of Barry and its heritage.