‘SKY LINE’ is part of a wider project titled, SIGHTINGS which is an external website by Tom Pearman.

Visit the ‘SIGHTINGS’ website HERE

There are a number of ‘lo-tech’ animations by Tom that form part of the content for an ongoing graphic novel /e-book that he is developing titled, ‘BUSINESS CLASS / MOT’. It is a short story based upon a hybrid ‘sc-fi – ‘Wizard of Oz’ narrative.

A preliminary draft of part one can be found HERE

The animation is also part of a new series of artworks exploring the commercial printing techniques employed for postcard production in the 1960s. From a background in screen-printing, Tom has investigated commercial printing processes in a number of artworks and public art projects.

It is a theme that underlines his interest in the illusionary effects that can constitute the world around us. For instance if you look at a commercially printed image in a newspaper or a postcard, the picture is formed form a series of patterned dots of cyan, magenta and yellow.