ARTS COUNCIL EDUCATION PROJECT gains momentum, with support from Hackney Borough Council and Hackney Museum.


Project summary: To deliver a Covid-safe collaborative public art project involving local Hackney primary schools. Throughout film and literature science fiction we have been captivated with travelling to another inhabited planet, being visited by aliens or documenting unidentified flying objects. Exploring this cultural phenomenon, whilst questioning our own, and our ‘distant neighbours’ cultural identity, we will produce our own ‘faux’ sc-fi film posters, book covers and newspaper articles. It will also involve talks by creative professionals presented in an introductory film. Using a collection of local archive architecture photographs, for e.g. local library or shop parade, and text from newspaper clippings, we will create 3d collages as an overlay to well known locations, to create an alternative fictional narrative to what was once familiar. For instance, ‘THE E8 UFO’ or ‘THE UFO THAT SWALLOWED MY SHOP’. Posters will potentially be printed up to billboards size and adhered temporarily to the schools’ exterior, (and potentially the locations used as the poster’s backdrop), including surfaces such as brick. The quantity and size of posters would be dependant on cooperation from the corresponding site. My aims are to deliver a high quality collaborative public art project teaching key creative skills to a lower socio-economic and culturally diverse target groups. My aim is also to deliver this project now to provide a rich, rewarding, professionally delivered art project during a Covid-restrictive period.

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