SIGHTINGS is an external website by Tom Pearman documenting a variety of what are called ‘Sightings’.

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SIGHTINGS is an external website by Tom Pearman documenting a variety, of what we call, “Sightings’. An extended description of this term will be disclosed in the near future. Please bear with us.

Where posible a crude location map / marker has been provided above photographic documentation. This is vital to our audit process and enables us to plan, as best we can, where the next series of Sighting locations will be.

Recent publications will also be made available in the respective tab. Please note these publications are often in draft form, and at times, are ineligible.

You will also find a Sightings form that can be filled out. Rest assured, all anonymity requests are treated with the highest respect.

Disclaimer: dates stated may not be accurate.

For ease of navigation here is a glossary of terms:

SPACE:  Sightings with are not ground based

BEASTS:  Sightings that are non human

BUILDINGS: Sightings exploring / involving architecture

PLACES:  Sightings specific to a location

DISASTERS:  Sightings that document ‘natural’ disasters

KEY/S:  A formula or code obtained that may form ‘clues’ / explanations / mathematical formulas, to the above

MISC:  Sightings that are irregular