The Installation:

A participatory installation including making workshops and a lit interactive artwork.


Many different cultures use animals as a way of reflecting upon our lives. Examples include Medieval Bestiaries, Aesop’s fables to traditional fairy tales. Many cultures including Native Americans believe we have a spirit guide in the form of an animal. They provide guidance and wisdom in difficult times. The Institute of Animal Spirit Guides is inspired by this tradition.

Ever wondered if you have a spirit guide looking over you? Do you have the powers of intuition of an Owl? The intelligence of a sheep? Maybe you have an inner Sparrow fluttering about? The Institute of Animal Spirit Guides is here to help!

Step inside and take advice from The Institute of Animal Spirit guide staff. Take the 100% guaranteed test to determine your animal guide, make an animal accessory with one of the Spirit Guide helpers. Once darkness falls step behind the Super X Ray screen to reveal your inner spirit animal!

Activity: Participants are greeted by a white-coated member of ‘The Institute’ who tells them about what the institute does to unlock your animal spirit guides. They invite them to take a ‘test’, which consists of a series of questions:

Which would you choose?

Upper bunk or Lower bunk? Spaghetti or Noodles? Left or right?

Stamp collecting or train spotting? Sweet or sour?