It was great to undertake a creative workshop  session with Sandfield Primary School in Guildford. The event was for the  public art commission to be sited at Foxenden Quarry Play Area, for Guildford Borough Council involving a series of bespoke sandblasted granite boulders, celebrating the WW2 Foxenden Quarry Deep Shelter.

More information about the public art scheme can be found HERE

The year 5 class did some fantastic work exploring graphics and collage to showcase themes of unexpected scenes through open doors.

For the Foxenden Quarry Play Area Public Art Commission I am currently working on some designs that will be applied to the boulders, that explore themes of ladders, hatches and doors referencing the access to Foxenden Quarry Deepshelter which was a purpose built underground public air-raid shelter for the people of Guildford. It was one of eighteen other air raid shelters and tunnels in the area. More information about the air raid shelter can be found HERE

The aim of the workshop is to generate ideas, conversation and involvement as a part of the artists design process.



Recently installed – more news / photos to follow