We held an event last Sunday 14th July at  Caveley’s Bewery,  with some local residents near to the project site, where I invited participants to make and label there own folded card switches – few pics below (promotional poster for following events too attached)

My main collaborative events is planned to take palce with small group of young adults from Cambridge Central Mosque, working in the fantastic print room at the great Cambridge Museum of Technology. a few letters of correspondence below:


“Dear Joy

Thanks for email. I was primarily interested in focusing on type, but perhaps with your assistance we could look at some other simple print techniques.

I’m still devising the content but I think that there will be a prior session separate from the print room activity (which could be on the same day), where we will make some sketches of switches on good quality paper, probably line drawings, a bit similar to the line drawings shown in the little animated gif below.

As you can see the switches have labels and I’d hope for the participants to print a ‘label’ on to their artworks. This could be a practical label or something more creative, I’m still working on this aspect.

However with your help and guidance, perhaps we could make some of their line drawings into a simple print, which if possible would be really great. How does that sound? And perhaps at a later date we could look at type with Nick if he were available.

I think that it would be a one-off session and day of the week to suit yourself and the participants /  tbc nearer the time if that’s ok.  

For your interest we held an event last Sunday with some local residents near to the project site, where I invited participants to make and label there own folded card switches – few pics below (promotional poster for following events too attached)

ps – I’ve cc’d a few other members of the creative team above, just so they’re up to speed with this aspect of the project if that’s ok – and also Shahida from Cambridge Central Mosque whom hopefully would like to be involved in the project with a small group of youngsters about 13/14 yrs old.

Many thanks! – speak soon..”

“Dear Cambridge Museum of Technology

My name is Tom Pearman and I am a public artist currently working on an exciting large-scale public art scheme for a local housing development.

It is a project by Cambridge Investment Partnership LLP (CIP), an equal partnership between Cambridge City Council (CCC) and Hill Investment Partnership, to develop public artwork/s for the Iron Works site off Mill Road.

CIP is supporting the Council in the delivery of 500 new affordable homes across Cambridge by developing Council-owned land and other sites. A creative programme of events and artists’ commissions – under the umbrella title ‘Resonance’ – is being delivered in collaboration with the creation of these new homes. As part of the Resonance programme I will be collaborating with a range of local community groups in the creation of ideas and themes for the artwork. 

I actually visited the museum with Helen Weinstein and the project manager Clare Phillips on 7th June with the other artists. I was very impressed with the displays, especially the Electric Room as the current theme of the artworks I will be making for the housing development is based upon ‘switches’. These switches could be residential, commercial or industrial and in particular I am interested in the associated labelling of them.

For the public collaborative phase of the project my current plan is to make a series of artwork switches on paper, which can be used for a project poster. I am hoping to add labels to these artwork switches, and was hoping that I could perhaps bring a small group of young adults to be introduced to the facilities in the print room and hopefully with assistance from the museum, print some text onto the paper artworks – and in doing so, ‘label’ the switches.

It could be a nice opportunity for the museum to be involved in a local public art project and offer an opportunity to market the museum. There will be a project website and the scheme will be showcased through a variety of platforms, and involving the CMT would be the kind of ‘back story’ that would form that marketing.

At present the young groups that I hope to work with are from a local mosque near Mill Road and in terms of a time frame, working with a group at the museum around September would be great. I am happy to discuss in person on the phone, or by my email address where I can offer some more information. 

I hope you are interested and look forward to hearing back from you. 

Many thanks.