Location 195 MARE ST, HACKNEY LONDON. Home to the Elizabeth Fry Refuge from 1860-1913 and in the twentieth century, 195 Mare Street became the New Lansdowne Working Men's Club
Date 2023


We are delighted to win the best experimental film category at THE ‘HORROR UNDERGROUND FILM & SCREENPLAY FESTIVAL’ 2024, FOR ‘195’.

A collaboration with film-maker and photographer, Floro Azqueta. The short experimental film, and the production of 4 ‘machines’ fabricated with laser-cut profiles, digital animations and various monitors, explores the former New Landsdowne Social Club, Mare Street, Hackney, London E8, and was screened in the film’s location, the basement of the 195 Mare Street, for the Open House Festival 2023.

Additional sound design by Max and Ben Ringham.

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The film aims to celebrate the former architecture and history of 195 Mare Street by exploring its architectural features and those particularly found in the building’s basement. The film follows a moving torchlight to create a graphic visual contrast between the circular illuminated area and the detail and texture of its surroundings. Tom’s work often investigates simple technology from the past and present using a lo-tech and graphic aesthetic. Employing a similar theme, the film incorporates the discovery of a small series of electrical devices that emit lit graphics and simple electrical sounds.

The combination of Floro’s visual language of a professional film-maker and Tom’s graphic style culminates in an exciting experimental film, unique to its fascinating location and at the same time celebrate the process of exploration.


The short experimental film (9 mins) was projected using a digital projector and screen in the basement of 195 Mare Street, as part of the Open House Festival on the 16-17th September 2023.

More information about Open House and the screening HERE