Project Title Mass Consequences
Client Gayhurst Community School / Big Draw
Location Gayhurst Community School, Hackney, London
Date 2015

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Public artist, Tom Pearman ran a simultaneous drawing event with the entire school of Gayhurst Community School in Hackney!

…with the aim of making the drawings produced into a series of artworks for the playground to complement the new features that have recently been installed.

Tom’s son Joseph is in year 6, and hopes the project will help provide a greater sense of ownership to the playground refurbishment. The artworks, based around the game of CONSEQUENCES will hopefully express the unique character of Gayhurst Community School.

The project is currently part of the BIG DRAW FESTIVAL 2015, and submitted the project for a Big Draw Award.

The project and the hundreds of drawings can be seen on the PROJECT SPECIFIC WEBSITE



Picture consequences is a circular game in which a group of people cooperatively draw a person. It was played by the Surrealist artists’ movement, where it was known as exquisite corpse. A person is drawn in portions, with the paper folded after each portion so that later participants cannot see earlier portions.

For the playground artworks, the portraits would be of ‘Hackney People’; famous, contemporary and historical residents of Hackney, including portraits of each other, and possibly teachers and staff.

In addition I propose that we make consequence drawings using famous buildings of Hackney that in some way offer a positive contribution or amenities to the people of Hackney. (By encompassing the above approach the project would aim to present the ‘Values of Hackney’, a topic that is currently being introduced to the school.)

This event would take place during the school day with an additional event after school which parents would be invited to join in with.