‘WHAT DO WE HOLD DEAR?’ in collaboration artist, Emily Tracy.

All Saints View, supported living accommodation.

Houghton Regis, Bedfordshire.

Completion: December 2022.

This co- created public art project resulted in a permanent wall based artwork for the interior of public building All Saints View, Independent living.

The piece presents a community collection, curated by older residents, and through conversation with wider residents of Houghton Regis, including local school, The Houghton Regis Historical Society and general public at a series of public events and workshops. The collection includes objects and images which have personal and community significance. Engagement sessions included an invitation to bring along objects to be photographed, and the creation of series of seven podcasts. The curated wall of  objects are accompanied with audio recordings  made through conversation and reflection,  accessed through QR codes.

More news / photos to follow.