I am excited to be shortlisted for the Critical Bestiaries of AI: Reimagining Monsters, project.

The Wellcome Centre for Ethics and Humanities (WEH), based at the University of Oxford’s Big Data Institute, is looking for an artist with experience in facilitation and designing participatory practical workshops, to join an exciting public engagement project focused on important issues of AI governance called – “Critical Bestiaries of AI: Reimagining Monsters” – supported by TORCH via the Minderoo-Oxford Challenge Fund.

Project background
Working with researchers from the WEH, University of Oxford and the IT University of Copenhagen, the project’s goal is to bring the publics’ attention to aspects of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that require oversight and regulation. We will do this by creating an “AI bestiary”, a collection of AI beasts or monsters representing areas of AI technology that are in need of governance. Teams of Oxford researchers who work on AI from various perspectives (for example, those who create AI-based computer programs, or who look at ethical and social implications of introducing AI in society) and monster studies will create the bestiary during facilitated workshops with the artist and lead researcher.