06-10-2015 - getting steamy

MOST OF MY WORK PLAYS WITH AN ILLUSION OF FORM THROUGH USING FLAT MEDIUMS…clouds are the least flat you can get i think so producing them large scale using vitreous enamel panels for a building’s facade should a move in th right direction….



02-10-2015 - locations being established for air quality public art project

Positive meeting with great members of brockley coommunity to help establish a series of vitreous enamel artworks to promote cleaner air quality and funded by the majors Clean Air Quality Fund….http://www.tompearman.co.uk/brockley-corridor-arts/

19-09-2015 - moving studio

Finalising move to great new studio after nearly 15 years at Cremer Street off the Hackney Road. New studio sits next to the River Lea, near the Olympic Park so can practice my competition diving and 100M sprint in my lunch break.



BACK IN SEPTEMBER – I’m working on a few projects whilst there, including a JAWS project planned whilst at Cap Cod, New England, location of Spielberg’s infamous 1975 film.  PLEASE CHECK MY BLOG FOR NEWS….



29-07-2015 - Guiness world record attempt for largest consequences game planned for school public art project

more news to follow…


16-07-2015 - Crofton Park local assembly

I was pleased to able to attend the Crofton Park local assembly last night and give an introduction to the public art project I’m developing for Lewisham Council. The project is part of a wider regeneration scheme for the Brockley area…. http://www.tompearman.co.uk/brockley-corridor-arts/


- Red Bull soap box race is perfect for art project

I went to the great soap box race at Alexandra Palace, plans afoot for community public art project…more news to follow…



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