‘YETI ME JOE’ is part of a wider project titled, SIGHTINGS which is an external website by Tom Pearman documenting a variety of what are called ‘Sightings’

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Pearman commissioned the making of a series of fake-fur yeti costumes, one for each member of his family of four. As the invisible man can be called a monster of science and his own ambitions, the Yeti, (or Big Foot or Sasquatch), is a monster of nature and a cultural abnormality.

The Yeti presumably has a natural family, however we view him as unnatural, perhaps because he is an evolutionary freak.

Pearman also makes a direct reference to the famous questionable hoax Yeti footage shot by Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin in 1967 by showing his six year old daughter posing in a similar stance to Petterson’s Yeti and situated in a forest by a fallen tree.

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