‘GLENCOE MATTE PAINTING’ is part of a wider project titled, SIGHTINGS which is an external website by Tom Pearman documenting a variety of what are called ‘Sightings’.

The artworks are also influenced by the process known as ‘movie matte painting’, the traditional visual effect used by filmmakers to enhance a film’s scene, by painting imagery on glass and placing this glass between the subject and the film camera.

The ‘alternative’ sky is made visible using a glass-mounted montage held up to a camera and displays Tom’s admiration for the personality rather than a clinical aesthetic that ‘lo-tech’ special effects can present.


Visit the ‘SIGHTINGS’ website HERE

The trip to the Scottish Highlands in 2014 provided narrative content for an ongoing graphic novel /e-book that Tom is developing titled, ‘BUSINESS CLASS / MOT’. It is a short story based upon a hybrid ‘sc-fi – ‘Wizard of Oz’ narrative.

A preliminary draft of part one can be found HERE