On a recent trip to Finland in February 2020, Tom with his son Joe, recreated a UFO crash scene, taking influence from science-fiction literature and film. The wood in Sipoonkorpi National Park, Finland, twenty miles north of Helsinki and mostly covered by spruce forest and swamps, was used as the back-drop for the crash site.

Pearman has explored similar scenarios investigating graphic representations of other-worldly compositions, often employing a humorous and tongue-in-cheek approach.

The artworks are also influenced by the process known as ‘movie matte painting’, the traditional visual effect used by filmmakers to enhance a film’s scene, by painting imagery on glass and placing this glass between the subject and the film camera.

For example, in this case no post production ‘special-effects’ were used, apart from a sight colour saturation increase, only a simple form of matte painting – if you look closely some reflection on the glass panel between the camera and subject can be spotted.

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