Client Arts Reach / Arts Council of Wales
Location Holyhead, Wales
Date 2014

IDEAS : PEOPLE : PLACES, An arts strategy to embed the arts in a genuine and meaningful way, in a small number of imaginative and innovative regeneration projects, funded by the Arts Council of Wales.

Tom was commissioned by ArtsReach to undertake a series of creative sessions under the above project.

Tom worked with a Holyhead secondary school science departmentusing Minecraft as a platform to design a series of imaginary environments and architectural structures. These structures were devised without practical constraints or limitations, embracing the ideological notion of utopia.

A local 3-d printer company was invited to the school, and a display of the printer’s technology was explored culminating in the creation of the student’s Minecraft structures.

Another aspect of the programme involved collaborating with local primary schools and youth groups and more information can be found HERE