Project Title DOORS 2020


‘I would like to propose a series of faux art interventions, which would constitute the components of a series of time and space portals around the shopping centre. These would take the form of lights, dials, switches, windows, doorways, trap doors, tunnels, portholes, stairs and associated signage. Their size would be both to scale and of unrealistic proportions and would be in a panel format. They would be fabricated from a variety of materials, (specified below). The aesthetic of these pieces would be stylised and this stylisation would take the form of a combination of identities relating to the material used, its location and the peoples involved in its design. All three-dimensional form suggested by the artworks will be described flat or in relief. They would have a physical premise that exposes the process involved to make them and they would be impeccably fabricated, but any high-tech quality or suggested highbrow function would be whimsical, humorous, fickle and transparent. Their location in relation to the shopping centre would be diverse. The number of these artworks would perhaps constitute eight to twelve, or more depending on size and site permission being granted.

Each opening or exit would hint or offer a clue at the location / or year, of the where the ‘traveler’ would be taken to. For example a tunnel entrance situated by the first floor escalators may lead to St Mary’s Church in1900. These clues would be written, or pictorial and suggest how the two locations could be connected and at the same time educate and stimulate. In short one could describe the artworks as Mr. Benn meets HG Wells’ time machine.’