01-12-2015 - MAYOR’S FUND FOR CLEAN AIR COMMISSION has confirmed additional funding…

The additional funding will help deliver the project to meet the schemes aspirations and aims.

27-11-2015 - Glass lines is planned to be a new series of glass works…more news to follow

20-10-2015 - HEAD

Tom is currently organizing an event with Gayhurst community school involving a mass consequences game for every pupil and teacher of the school.  The drawings made will form the foundation for a series of playground artworks.


06-10-2015 - getting steamy

MOST OF MY WORK PLAYS WITH AN ILLUSION OF FORM THROUGH USING FLAT MEDIUMS…clouds are the least flat you can get i think so producing them large scale using vitreous enamel panels for a building’s facade should a move in th right direction….



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